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about me: i am sorry

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quick doodle before going to bed
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I won’t be here from the 10th to the 13th !! B)

I’m going to the Frankfurt Book Fair and I’m staying with sakimaru at her best friend’s place <3

Cosplaying Jack Ryan on saturday and Delsin Rowe on sunday and it’ll be hella gREAT bECAUSE AWESOME PEOPLE will cosplay with me //WINKS (still having a cold tho, but #livingthedream)

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Meeting up with an internet friend for the first time like


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kiwiitin hat gesagt:

 Boil some water, add a few slices of fresh ginger, wait a few minutes, take them out of the water and add honey. Ginger is healthy stuff! uwu/ Hope you’ll feel better sweet potato!

Thank you!! Tried this some hours ago but I think i should have let the ginger stay in the water for longer…. ughugh


Can I keep him?.. ♥
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