Âll, Âllo. As you guys probably know I’ve been pretty busy with stuff and things but now I got the time to do some lovely fanart and this one is for jantelaw you know, because she’s tHE BOMB and absolutely amazing and she did this lovely drawing of my bae (Augustus Sinclair) for me (here) so this is a little surprise thanks bc I know you like your baras bloody and kind of gay  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ♥

[VIBRATES VIOLENTLY] BLESS YOU, i am so surprised … I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT YOU MADE ME REALLY HAPPY WITH THIS I COULD JUST SMASH SOMETHING ON MY KEYBOARD BECAUSE I AM SO EXCITED?!! thank you so much it looks so awesome and ahh dang, i just love your art and seeing biker in your style is all i wanted 8))))
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My laptop officially died yesterday (it starts, makes weird clicking noises and shows me a black screen) and I lost a whole bunch of files including unfinished commissions and whatnot. I didn’t save any of it on my external harddrive because I was too lazy.. orz

Things kinda suck right now.

kobaba hat gesagt: 

can I call you Jasper?
Y-YEs? snorts

0pheliamustdie hat gesagt:

wait…what? xDD

we just don’t know

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new kicks

crowbi sent: Why would I judge you? That's cool as everything! I'm going as Eugene for tomorrow's MCM expo here in Manchester. (Also we should totally talk more? Do you have skype or something? Or is this creepy? XD)

AHH yes, Eugene is my babe <3 hehe

HAVE FUN OVER THERE! I’ll have to wait until August for Gamescom. //wheezes

(Yes totally!! BUT i am… a BIT AWKWARD OKAY feel free to add me: kakuzu-)