awkwardfeatherbutt sent: just a daily reminder that i love you okay seriously and i still can't get over your birthday present okay (smiles awkward and brushes ur cheeks with his wings)


Why this all of the sudden


I LOVE YOU TOO you are the best senpai and I’m counting the days till wE MEET OOOH. (tanzt den Ikeatanz)


Why do people ship Jacket and Biker from Hotline Miami

last time I checked Jacket beat in Bikers head with a golf club. I don’t think that counts as flirting. 

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liked it better without colours.
For hardesttimes
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Livestream time!!
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"Say them again, Wayland. The Seven Strictures."
I was planning on making them a little cleaner, and this is a month old wip i promised to do but never got the chance to, so I guess… I’ll just roll this one out for viewing pleasure now that I got around the Fugue Feast mood

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jqg sent: hey!! i just found your blog and i really love your art and style! im so glad that even for games like hotline miami have such talented people in the fanbase :^) keep up the excellent work and i hope you have a wonderful day!

(You’re using my art as your icon [vibrates violently])

THANKS A LOT i appreciate that and i am glad you like it!! :] Hope you’ll have a nice day as well!

toshikijeevas sent: Daily reminder that your and amazing person and a fantastic artist ~

Daily reminder that i’ll never forget you xoxo