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🙏 and now, kiss!

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toshikijeevas hat gesagt:

I snuck into a party in a class at collage so I’m doing fantastic! Lots of great food ~ glad your doing good keeping doing good :)

Hehe, what a badass. That’s great <3

Thanks, hope you’re doing as well! (and sorry if I missed to reply to your last message ;; my askbox is clogging a bit… //smoochies)

This man is ready to kill
&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;&#8230;.This is for kiwiitin because she has been a real cutie!!
Sorry I&#8217;ll draw you something cooler next time ;_;
pocket Outsider was her idea &lt;3 and idk he&#8217;s lying on corvo&#8217;s head hehehe
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toshikijeevas sent: Jante senpai ~ Hope your doing good today ~

I am, I am doing good!
What about you, bbu?

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